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fluidSpline Star

An htmlwidgets binding for the d3js editable splines with animation.

stopauthor: yonicd

stoptags: visualization, general, scatter

stopjs libraries: d3

phylocanvas Star

An htmlwidgets binding for creating interactive phylogenetic trees.

stopauthor: zachcp

stoptags: phylogenetics, trees, biology

stopjs libraries: phylocanvas

msaR Star

An htmlwidgets binding for creating interactive multiple sequence alignments.

stopauthor: zachcp

stoptags: sequence, alignment, general, biology, DNA

stopjs libraries: msa

d3Tree Star

An htmlwidgets binding for the d3js trees.

stopauthor: yonicd

stoptags: visualization, reactive query

stopjs libraries: d3,cycle,d3-tip

slickR Star

An htmlwidgets binding for the slick carousel.

stopauthor: yonicd

stoptags: visualization, general

stopjs libraries: slick

datamaps Star

An htmlwidgets binding for the datamaps package.

stopauthor: ramnathv

stoptags: visualization,maps

stopjs libraries: datamaps,d3

rChartsCalmap Star

An htmlwidgets binding for the Cal-Heatmap plugin.

stopauthor: ramnathv

stoptags: visualization,calendar,heatmap

stopjs libraries: Cal-Heatmap,d3

leaflet Star

Leaflet is an open-source JavaScript library for interactive maps. This package makes it easy to create Leaflet maps from R.

stopauthor: rstudio

stoptags: visualization,maps

stopjs libraries: leaflet

DT Star

This package provides a function datatable() to display R data via the DataTables javascript library.

stopauthor: rstudio

stoptags: tables

stopjs libraries: DataTables

dygraphs Star

An R interface to the dygraphs JavaScript charting library. It provides rich facilites for charting time-series data in R.

stopauthor: rstudio

stoptags: visualization,timeseries

stopjs libraries: dygraphs

metricsgraphics Star

An htmlwidget interface to the MetricsGraphics.js D3-based charting library.

stopauthor: hrbrmstr

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: metricsgraphicsjs,d3

streamgraph Star

An htmlwidget for making streamgraphs.

stopauthor: hrbrmstr

stoptags: visualization,steamgraph

stopjs libraries: d3

networkD3 Star

A port of Christopher Gandrud’s d3Network package to the htmlwidgets framework.

stopauthor: christophergandrud

stoptags: visualization,networks

stopjs libraries: d3

threejs Star

An htmlwidgets binding for three.js.

stopauthor: bwlewis

stoptags: visualization,3D

stopjs libraries: threejs

DiagrammeR Star

Easily create graph diagrams using R.

stopauthor: rich-iannone

stoptags: visualization,diagram,networks

stopjs libraries: d3,viz,mermaid

sigmaGraph Star

R interface to sigmajs library.

stopauthor: jpmarindiaz

stoptags: visualization,networks

stopjs libraries: sigma

bubbleCloud Star

stopauthor: jpmarindiaz

stoptags: visualization,bubbles

stopjs libraries:

d3plus Star

R Htmlwidget for d3plus.

stopauthor: jpmarindiaz

stoptags: visualization,networks

stopjs libraries: d3plus,d3

isotope Star

Isotope layout library for rendering R data frames as interactive galleries.

stopauthor: jpmarindiaz

stoptags: grid

stopjs libraries: isotope

D3TableFilter Star

A table widget based on Max Guglielmi’s “HTML Table Filter Generator” and D3.js.

stopauthor: ThomasSiegmund

stoptags: tables,visualization

stopjs libraries: TableFilter,d3, jQuery Sparklines

rhandsontable Star

An htmlwidgets implementation of Handsontable.js, a minimalist Excel-like data grid editor for HTML & JavaScript.

stopauthor: jrowen

stoptags: tables

stopjs libraries: handsontable

rcdimple Star

An htmlwidget for dimple.js. The goal is beautiful, customizable d3.js charts with minimal code and no knowledge of JavaScript.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: dimple,d3

sortableR Star

sortableR attempts to harness some of the power of Sortable.js.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: structure

stopjs libraries: sortablejs,d3

parcoords Star

R htmlwidget for parallel-coordinates d3 chart.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: visualization,parallelcoords

stopjs libraries: parcoords,d3

listviewer Star

A package of R htmlwidgets to interactively view and maybe modify lists. Provides one interface to jsoneditor.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: structure

stopjs libraries: jsoneditor,d3

svgPanZoom Star

Gives R users an easy way to add panning and zooming to any R graphics (base, ggplot2, lattice, and lots more).

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: visualization

stopjs libraries: svg-pan-zoom

exportwidget Star

R htmlwidget to export other htmlwidgets and SVG as png.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: export

stopjs libraries: exportwidget

imageR Star

Intense-images htmlwidget for R.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: imageR

chartist Star

R interface to chartist.js.

stopauthor: yutannihilation

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: chartist.js

phylowidget Star

An R interface to phylotree.js, a JavaScript interactive viewer of phylogenetic trees.

stopauthor: sdwfrost

stoptags: visualization,biology

stopjs libraries: phylotree.js

qtlcharts Star

Interactive Graphics FOR QTL Experiments.

stopauthor: kbroman

stoptags: visualization,qtl,genetics,biology

stopjs libraries: d3, d3-tip

highchartR Star

An htmlwidget wrapper for Highcharts and Highstock APIs.

stopauthor: jcizel

stoptags: visualization,general,stocks

stopjs libraries: highcharts

greatCircles Star

Create great circles arcs via d3, Shiny, htmlwidgets and R.

stopauthor: homeaway

stoptags: visualization,maps

stopjs libraries: d3

sparklines Star

Create jquery sparklines from R.

stopauthor: htmlwidgets

stoptags: visualization,sparkline

stopjs libraries: jquery.sparkline

rWordCloud Star

An htmlwidget interface for d3 word cloud.

stopauthor: adymimos

stoptags: visualization,wordcloud

stopjs libraries: d3

c3r Star

An htmlwidgets interface to the c3.js d3 charting library.

stopauthor: HarlanH

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: c3js

dcStockR Star

R bindings for dc.js.

stopauthor: yutannihilation

stoptags: visualization,stocks

stopjs libraries: dc.js

scatterMatrixD3 Star

R interface to Benjie Chen’s extension of Mike Bostock’s scatterplot matrix.

stopauthor: jcizel

stoptags: visualization,scatterplot

stopjs libraries: d3

rbokeh Star

An interface to Bokeh that provides a flexible, powerful, declarative framework for creating interactive plots.

stopauthor: hafen

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: bokehjs

d3heatmap Star

A D3.js-based heatmap htmlwidget for R.

stopauthor: rstudio

stoptags: visualization,heatmap

stopjs libraries: d3

rpivotTable Star

R interface to the pivottable library.

stopauthor: smartinsightsfromdata

stoptags: visualization,pivot,table

stopjs libraries: pivottable

formattable Star

Formattable data structures.

stopauthor: renkun-ken

stoptags: table

stopjs libraries:

bubbles Star

d3 Bubble Chart htmlwidget.

stopauthor: jcheng5

stoptags: visualization,bubbles,scatter,plot

stopjs libraries: d3

pairsD3 Star

D3 Scatterplot Matrices.

stopauthor: garthtarr

stoptags: visualization,scatterplot,pairs

stopjs libraries: d3

edgebundleR Star

Circle plot with bundled edges.

stopauthor: garthtarr

stoptags: visualization,hierarchical,layout,bundle,networks

stopjs libraries: d3

katexR Star

KaTeX in R.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: math,LaTeX

stopjs libraries: KaTeX

navr Star

An htmlwidget for Responsive-Nav.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: toolbar,navigation,html

stopjs libraries: responsive-nav

gamer Star

Games as htmlwidgets for R.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: game

stopjs libraries: EntangledClone

materializeR Star

Materialize front-end web framework as an htmlwidget in R.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: CSS,template,html,framework

stopjs libraries: materialize

comicR Star

Comic (xkcd-like) effects for R output.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: xkcd,cartoon,comic

stopjs libraries: comic.js

loryR Star

Slider htmlwidget your images based on lory.js.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: slider,html

stopjs libraries: lory.js

d3vennR Star

Interactive Venn/Euler diagrams in R.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: visualization,sets,venn

stopjs libraries: d3, venn.js

flowtypeR Star

R htmlwidget for flowtype.js.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: html,text

stopjs libraries: flowtype

sweetalertR Star

R htmlwidget for SweetAlert.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: html,alert,popup

stopjs libraries: SweetAlert

sunburstR Star

R htmlwidget for d3.js sequences sunburst.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: visualization,sunburst

stopjs libraries: d3

d3hiveR Star

R htmlwidget for d3.js hive plots.

stopauthor: timelyportfolio

stoptags: visualization,hive

stopjs libraries: d3

calheatmapR Star

Interface to the cal-heatmap Javascript charting library.

stopauthor: durtal

stoptags: visualization,heatmap,calendar

stopjs libraries: d3, cal-heatmap

coffeewheel Star

R wrapper for the famaous coffee-wheel visualization.

stopauthor: armish

stoptags: visualization,treemap,hierarchical,wheel,zoomable

stopjs libraries: d3

taucharts Star

A wrapper for the full-featured taucharts d3.js charting library.

stopauthor: hrbrmstr

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: taucharts,d3

vivagRaph Star

Interactive network visualizations with the VivaGraph js library.

stopauthor: keeganhines

stoptags: visualization,networks

stopjs libraries: vivagraph js

rchess Star

Chess validations, piece movements, check detection, and chessboard plotting.

stopauthor: jbkunst

stoptags: chess

stopjs libraries: chessjs,chessboardjs

d3wordcloud Star

R interface for d3 wordcloud.

stopauthor: jbkunst

stoptags: d3,wordcloud

stopjs libraries: d3,d3-cloud

plotly Star

Create interactive web graphics via Plotly’s JavaScript graphing library.

stopauthor: cpsievert

stoptags: d3,webgl

stopjs libraries: plotly.js

morrisjs Star

Draw interactive time-series bar, line, area, and donut charts with morris.js

stopauthor: tutuchan

stoptags: vizualisation,general

stopjs libraries: morris.js

diffr Star

Display differences between two files using the codediff library.

stopauthor: muschellij2

stoptags: text

stopjs libraries: codeeiff.js

ggiraph Star

Make ggplot2 graphics interactive.

stopauthor: davidgohel

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: d3

googleway Star

Interactive Google Maps

stopauthor: SymbolixAU

stoptags: visualization,maps

stopjs libraries: Google Maps Javascript API

highcharter Star

A wrapper for the ‘highcharts’ library

stopauthor: jbkunst

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: highcharts

mapview Star

Interactive viewing of spatial objects in R.

stopauthor: tim-salabim

stoptags: visualization,maps

stopjs libraries: leaflet.glify.js, jquery

qrage Star

Create D3 JavaScript force directed graphs from R.

stopauthor: ShingoYamamoto

stoptags: visualization,networks

stopjs libraries: d3

radarchart Star

Create interactive radar charts using the ‘Chart.js’ JavaScript library.

stopauthor: dougmet

stoptags: visualization,radar

stopjs libraries: chart.js

rAmCharts Star

API for using the ‘amCharts’ library.

stopauthor: Djaiff

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: amCharts

rglwidget Star

‘rgl’ in the htmlwidgets framework.

stopauthor: DuncanMurdoch

stoptags: visualization,3D

stopjs libraries:

scatterD3 Star

D3 JavaScript scatterplots from R.

stopauthor: juba

stoptags: visualization,scatterplot

stopjs libraries: d3

tmap Star

Thematic maps for visualizing geographic statistical data.

stopauthor: mtennekes

stoptags: visualization,maps

stopjs libraries:

visNetwork Star

vis.js library for interactive network visualization.

stopauthor: bthieurmel

stoptags: visualization,networks

stopjs libraries: vis.js

canvasXpress Star

A wrapper for CanvasXpress.

stopauthor: neuhausi

stoptags: genomics,heatmap,network,scatter,genome,venn,cloud,treemap,boxplot

stopjs libraries: canvasXpress

c3 Star

c3.js library for simple charts.

stopauthor: mrjoh3

stoptags: visualization,plots,charts

stopjs libraries: c3.js

pier Star

d3pie.js library for simple pie and donut charts.

stopauthor: mrjoh3

stoptags: visualization, pie and donut charts

stopjs libraries: d3pie.js

timevis Star

Create interactive timeline visualizations in R.

stopauthor: daattali

stoptags: visualization,timeline

stopjs libraries: vis.js

wordcloud2 Star

R binding to wordcloud2.js library for interactive wordclouds.

stopauthor: lchiffon

stoptags: visualization, wordcloud

stopjs libraries: wordcloud2.js

candela Star

Visualization component suite with a simple normalized API.

stopauthor: jeffbaumes

stoptags: visualization,general

stopjs libraries: Candela, LineUp, UpSet, OnSet, Vega, GeoJS

collapsibleTree Star

Interactive Collapsible Tree Diagrams using D3.js

stopauthor: AdeelK93

stoptags: d3, visualization, networks

stopjs libraries: d3

diffRgit Star

Visualization of a diff git.

stopauthor: abossi

stoptags: diff, git, visualization, diff2html

stopjs libraries: diff2html